November 5, 2020

An example of the Báb’s honesty and fairness in business dealings while in Búshihr

A certain man confided to His [the Báb’s] care a trust, requesting Him to dispose of it at a fixed price. When the Báb sent him the value of that article, the man found that the sum which he had been offered considerably exceeded the limit which he had fixed. He immediately wrote to the Báb, requesting Him to explain the reason. The Báb replied: ‘What I have sent you is entirely your due. There is not a single farthing in excess of what is your right. There was a time when the trust you had delivered to Me had attained this value. Failing to sell it at that price, I now feel it My duty to offer you the whole of that sum.’ However much the Báb’s client entreated Him to receive back the sum in excess, the Báb persisted in refusing.

- Hájí Siyyid Javád-i-Karbilá’í  (Quoted by Nabil, ‘The Dawn-Breakers’, translated and edited by Shoghi Effendi)