January 6, 2021

Divine intervention in the twinkling of an eye - a believer experienced

Mulla Sadiq
In 1845 Mulla Sadiq, whom posthumously was appointed by ‘Abdu’l-Baha as a Hand of the Cause, together with Quddus were arrested in Shiraz as a result of a commotion that was stirred up in the city. This was caused by the implementation a slight change to the Muslim call to prayer that the Báb had asked Mulla Sadiq to make. [1] [2] They were both brought to the governor’s residence and subjected to his angry inquiry. [3] Becoming sorely displeased with Mulla Sadiq’s answers he ordered his attendants to inflict upon them a hideous and exceptionally cruel punishment. [4] Below is an eye witness account reported to Nabil by an individual, who wasn’t a believer at the time, concerning the 1000 lashes that Mulla Sadiq received. Nabil later corroborated this account with Mulla Sadiq:

An eye-witness of this revolting episode, an unbeliever residing in Shíráz, related to me the following: “I was present when Mullá Sádiq was being scourged. I watched his persecutors each in turn apply the lash to his bleeding shoulders, and continue the strokes until he became exhausted. No one believed that Mullá Sádiq, so advanced in age and so frail in body, could possibly survive fifty such savage strokes. We marvelled at his fortitude when we found that, although the number of the strokes of the scourge he had received had already exceeded nine hundred, his face still retained its original serenity and calm. A smile was upon his face, as he held his hand before his mouth. He seemed utterly indifferent to the blows that were being showered upon him. When he was being expelled from the city, I succeeded in approaching him, and asked him why he held his hand before his mouth. I expressed surprise at the smile upon his countenance. He emphatically replied: ‘The first seven strokes were severely painful; to the rest I seemed to have grown indifferent. I was wondering whether the strokes that followed were being actually applied to my own body. A feeling of joyous exultation had invaded my soul. I was trying to repress my feelings and to restrain my laughter. I can now realise how the almighty Deliverer is able, in the twinkling of an eye, to turn pain into ease, and sorrow into gladness. Immensely exalted is His power above and beyond the idle fancy of His mortal creatures.’” Mullá Sádiq, whom I met years after, confirmed every detail of this moving episode. 

- Nabil  (‘The Dawn-Breakers’, translated and edited by Shoghi Effendi)

[1] The second person that Quddús met in Shriaz and the Báb’s assignment for him - Mullá Sádiq-i-Khurásání (appointed a Hand of the Cause posthumously by ‘Abdu’l-Baha)

[2] 1845: The whole city of Shiraz was aroused as a result of Mulla Sádiq carrying out his assignment from the Báb

[3] August 1845: The governor ordered the arrest of Quddus and Mulla Sádiq

[4] The “hideousness and the barbaric cruelty which characterised the torture inflicted upon Quddús and Mullá Sádiq” – “the first to be persecuted on Persian soil for the sake of their Faith”